Sibiu is one of the most pretty cities of Romania. The old citycenter is known for the Germanic architecture. The first settlement are dating from 1191! Stroll trough the old narrow streets or take a seat on one of the many terraces you will find on Piata Mara (the big square) or Piata Mica (the small square). Both of the squares are worth a visit and each of them has their own atmosphere.

In the center you will find the Brukental museum with a lot of art and expositions. If you're searching for an outdoor museum you might like Astra museum: a complex with a representation of the traditional architecture in the Dumbrava forrest. 

Also for the shop-lovers Sibiu is the place to be! Next to all the tiny shops and boutiques you will find in the citycenter, you can also go to one of the malls the city has to offer.